Hi! Im Gleb Vinogradov. From one hand I love to play the guitar, from another hand Green Day is my favorite band.
So I had mixed both things in 2012 and started to make Green Day guitar covers. Most of them are available on my YouTube channel, which has more than 28 000 subscribers - I want to thank you personally.

In 2021 I started howtoplaygreenday.com. Here you can find exclusive covers, correct Green Day chords and lyrics for Green Day songs. Not to boring you with this spikey story I will show you an interview.

Interview with GV
What's your favorite Green Day song?
Ok, I can't choose between When i come around, Redundant and Waiting. Definitely one of them.
What's your favorite guitar?
I love my Fender Stratocaster - it`s the most handful guitar and it`s really punkrockable.
What's your Green Day-dream?
It would be awesome to play with them few songs. I can't dream about a live show but to spend some time in rehearsal room - I would like to dream about it. So, guys, if your read this - just call and I'll be there asap!)
Could you advice the beginners?
All you need is two things: practice slowly and be patient. Oh, I forgot - get full access to that website;)
Are you married?
Yes, I love my beautiful wife and our son.
It's me