23 January 2024:
Saviors covers are coming!
04 October 2024:
Now you are able to support the project: https://howtoplaygreenday.com/support-me
01 January 2023:
06 May 2022:
Know Your Enemy guitar cover with extra solo released!
21 April 2022:
Walking Contradiction guitar cover is now available!
08 April 2022:
Hitchin' a Ride cover released. Recordered a week earlier: Know Your Enemy, Warning
22 March 2022:
Macy's Day Parade guitar cover released! Recorded: Hitchin' a Ride, Walking Contradiction
24 February 2022:
Going to Pasalacqua guitar lesson released!
17 February 2022:
Going to Pasalacqua cover released!
03 February 2022:
Minority guitar cover released!
19 January 2022:
Welcome To Paradise cover will premiere on January 21, 2022, keep it in mind! https://youtu.be/ZkDEEJ_RGcM
13 January 2022:
Minority cover and lesson materials were recordered.
21 December 2021:
Welcome to Paradise, Basket Case and 21 Guns lesson materials were recordered.
20 December 2021:
American idiot guitar lesson is under editing now
16 December 2021:
Howtoplaygreenday.com is now officially open! Rock on!