Scumbag chords & tabs

You come around every now and then Your clothes are different, But you're still the same Why else would you come here? Scumbag on a mission You're telling me it's been a while Shit-eating grin and a brand new life Somebody let you come here Scumbag with permission CHORUS Never though I'd see the like of you around this place What's the special occasion? Did you run outta friends? VERSE 2 Hear you are comin' 'round again And things are different but you still pretend You gotta reason to come here Scumbag with ambition And now you're telling me that things have changed And you'll leaving in a couple days You're gonna change the world someday Scumbag with a vision
CHORUS It must be nice to know you got it all figured out But from where I'm sitting, It's the same thing again and again
CHORUS Have you ever stopped to think Before you opened up your mouth? Because everytime you do, It's the same thing again and again

Lyrics by Billie Joe Armstrong
Music by Green Day
How to read these chord schemes

1 - chord name, 2 - chord designation, 3 - chord scheme

Chord name

There is the name of a chord before the symbols. If it's "*" added to a name, it means that this chord is played in different positions during the song.

Chord designation

There are 6 symbols in a designation, read it from left to right. The first symbol defines the thickest string (6th string), the second symbol defines 5th string and so on.

"0" means open string

"x" means this string isnt played

"Number" means number of a fret.



6th string isnt played
5th string is open
4th string is played on 2nd fret
3rd string is played on 2nd fret
2nd string is played on 2nd fret
1st string is open

Chord scheme

Imagine that you are looking at the fret while playing guitar - the closest string to your eyes is the 6th, the thickest string. There are 6 horizontal lines defines strings, the upper one is the thinnest string (1st string).
And there are 4 lines defined frets - no exact frets numbers defined.
In some schemes there is a thick line on the left - it defines the nut.

  • "0" means open string
  • "x" means this string isnt played
  • Fat dots mean fingers positions


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